The $trom in his infinite wisdom created Dlaton and Ketan Vora, two expressions of the same thing, to "rule" over his temporal world. Dlaton and Ketan Vora serve as the mechanism by which the $trom governs his temporal domain.

The great philosopher Johnny Hadzipetros writes in his seminal text Critique of Other Basements:

It is established that the basement is the basis of reality, the basement upon which the $trom built his house of reality. Yet how do Dlaton and Ketan Vora fit into this equation?

To continue the metaphor of the house, Dlaton and Ketan Vora can be said to be a married couple and the masters of the house. Thus, the $trom created these to figures to act as his temporal representatives, as his viceroys to rule his temporal world in his stead as he concentrates his efforts on higher things, which may or may not take place in the basement, noted for its ...intimacy.

They were created to establish order in the temporal world. They are gravity, they are physics, indeed, they are gravity's rainbow. The basement, however, does not have or need any order; it's ...intimacy is more than sufficient.