Critique of Other Basements is the seminal text writen by Johnny Hadzipetros describing the nature of the $trom, the basement, Dlaton/Ketan Vora, and reality itself.

Some excerpts from this text:

"As the existence of other basements is grounded in perception, and, as has been demonstrated, what we call the realm of our perceptions, that is, the phenomena is not necessarily coterminus with reality, but rather is constructed by the faculties of sensibility and understanding, it is not within our capabilities to demonstrate a posteriori with any certainty the existence of other basements."

"Thus we have demonstrated that the basement is in itself for itself. The basement comes from nonbeing into being, and from the basement comes being. Dasein is a signifier in search of a signified; as such he posits the existence of a transcendental signified (God, logos, ousia, etc.) which ultimately derives from the need for presence. The basement is the absence of presence. What is a basement? It is, roughly, a hole in the ground. It is empty. The basement is the absence of the transcendental signified; it is the problematic process from which all meaning is derived, and as such, must be put under erasure."

"The basement is corporeal; the $trom is spiritual."

"It is established that the basement is the basis of what we problematically term "reality." It is the basement foundation upon which the $trom has built his house. Yet how do Dlaton and Ketan Vora fit into this equation?

To continue the metaphor of the house, Dlaton and Ketan Vora can be said to be a married couple and the masters of the house. Thus, the $trom created these to figures to act as his temporal representatives, as his viceroys to rule his temporal world in his stead as he concentrates his efforts on higher things, which may or may not take place in the basement, noted for its ...intimacy.

They were created to establish order in the temporal world. They are the marriage of physis and nous; yet neither is the one nor the other. From them the categories of sensibility and understanding are derrived. The basement, however, does not have or need any order, for the basement exists as it is in itself for itself; it's ...intimacy is more than sufficient."